TUX 301 Module 1 SLP Latest-Trident



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TUX 301 Module 1 SLP Latest-Trident

TUX 301 Module 1 SLP Latest-Trident


TUX 301 Module 1 SLP Latest-Trident


Welcome to the Module 1 Session Long Project (SLP) for TUX301.

The SLP assignment is the applied assignment of the module for most courses. We try to make the Case Assignment a theory-based assignment and the SLP the practical application-based assignment. Due to the uniqueness of this course, the SLP assignments (the pracitical side of the course) will all be related to you.

You have made the first step toward receiving the benefits of higher education. In this assignment, we focus on achieving your peak academic performance at Trident University. Download the Trident Essentials Worksheet in the link below. In the first part of this exercise, you will “virtually” navigate through the University and identify key policies and procedures to maximize your educational experience. These steps will also ensure your success as a student here and help you achieve your academic goals. For the final part of the worksheet, you will read “Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society”from the Background page article to address the questions regarding your own support network.″>Trident Essentials Worksheet

SLP Assignment Expectations

Download and save a copy of the Trident Essentials Worksheet. Complete all parts of the exercise, including the questions related to your support network. Upload your finished assignment to the SLP 1 dropbox.