TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion Latest



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TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion Latest

TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion Latest



TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion 1 Latest

Hackers for Hire (graded)

Computer crime is a booming industry, both for those committing the crime and those fighting the criminals. Hacking, though an offensive crime, is also a legitimate business. It takes someone who knows how to break into a system to know how to protect it. Research the Web to find out more about hacking, both legal and illegal. Check out sites like”>TRUSTe, .com/”>Hacker for Hire Online,”>Trust Guard, and .com/”>Hacker for Hire Review, which helps you shop for a hacker. Learn to become a hacker or join a legal hacker group at .org/”>Legal Hackers,”>Hack This Site, and the”>Happy Hacker. The latter two sites are training grounds for hacker wannabes. Write a summary about what you learned. Which site did you explore? If you could summarize the site in a single sentence, what would it be? What should computer users know about the site you researched? Is ignorance bliss, as the saying goes, or should we do more through communication to spread the word? Share your research with us.

TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion 2 Latest

Accessibility of Education (graded)

Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, once said, “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Research the Web to find tools available to help those with disabilities use computers and the Internet to learn. For example, visually impaired people use screen readers to surf the Web or take online classes. Search for videos, software applications, or any tool designed to help make the Web and learning accessible by anyone with a disability. Remember that a disability could be physical, mental, or emotional. As future professional communicators, why is it important to understand how those with disabilities learn or access information from the Internet?

TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion Latest

TC 160 DeVry Week 6 Discussion Latest



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