TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest



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TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest

TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest


TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 1 Latest

Telemedicine (graded)

Explore the website for The”>American Telemedicine Association to learn more about telemedicine, which was discussed in Chapter 9. Has telemedicine advanced since the book was published in 2008? What role does communication technology play in telemedicine? Where is the future of telemedicine? This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 2 Latest

Unwanted Attention (graded)

Chapter 13 covers many forms of unwanted electronic attention. With the explosion of social media since the book was written in 2008, forms of unwanted attention have only grown. Select any form of unwanted electronic attention, tell us what it is, how it works, and any recourse available to users to ward off the unwanted attention. Is there a law in place? A software remedy?

TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest

TC 160 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest



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