SPCH 275 DeVry Week 6 Speech Assignment Latest



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SPCH 275 DeVry Week 6 Speech Assignment Latest

SPCH 275 DeVry Week 6 Speech Assignment Latest



SPCH 275 DeVry Week 6 Speech Assignment Latest

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This week, you will deliver your Informative Speech. Look to the detailed instructions for further guidance. You will also need to submit your outline in Word (.docx) and visual aids in PowerPoint (.pptx) formats to the Dropbox. Save your files with the following naming conventions: Carol Dietrich SPCH 275 Week 6 Outline and Jason Rose SPCH 275 Week 6 Visual Aids.

To record your presentations, connect with your camera and audio device (e.g. tablet, smartphone, or laptop) in the course shell to the Team Meeting space under the Team Area Tab. Be sure to save your recording with a proper file convention using your name, course information, and assignment title (e.g. Renee Bell SPCH 275 Week 2 Impromptu Presentation Recording) and then also post a clickable link to the recording file to the corresponding dropbox, along with any accompanying documents you may have (if required by the assignment or your professor).

Remember, you are responsible for ensuring that the video and audio are of high quality to ensure that your professor and classmates may review your work. Additional guidelines are posted in the Presentations Overview button under the Course Home tab.

Submit your lab to the Dropbox,, located at the top

SPCH 275 DeVry Week 6 Speech Assignment Latest

SPCH 275 DeVry Week 6 Speech Assignment Latest


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