SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest



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SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest

SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest



SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion 1 Latest

Jurisdiction over Websites

Read Yahoo v. La Lique and Mink v. AAAA Development LLC (Baumer, pp. 44–46), and then discuss the factors that were used to determine whether each court had jurisdiction over non-resident website operators. What business factors should enter into development of commercial websites and decisions about whether to subject a company to long-arm jurisdiction?

SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion 2 Latest

Impact of Technology on the Law

All websites are equally accessible on the Internet, no matter where a site’s business sponsor is located. Consequently, foreign websites are accessible to people cruising the Internet.

Suppose a foreign website sells drugs that are not approved by regulatory agencies for sale to citizens of another country. Do you think that website has a duty to be familiar with drug laws throughout the world? Why or why not? In addition, do you think the owners of the website have committed a crime? Why or why not?


SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest

SEC 575 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest


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