SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 iLab 4 of 7 Latest



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SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 iLab 4 of 7 Latest

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 iLab 4 of 7 Latest



SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 iLab 4 of 7 Latest

AAA Server Authentication

SEC450 Week 4 iLab 4 Report

Note! Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. (See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.)


Scenario and Summary

In this lab, the students will examine the following objectives.

  • Understanding of AAA client-server architecture
  • Configuring AAA server
  • Verification of AAA server authentication


Students will complete all tasks specified in the iLab Instructions document available in Skillsoft. As the iLab tasks are completed, students will include screenshots, and answer questions in the iLab Report document. This iLab Report document will be submitted to the iLab Dropbox for Week 4.

Supporting Documentation

  • Textbook (Chapter 4)
  • Webliography links on AAA server authentication

Required Software

OPNET Modeler

Copy below each of the tasks that appears in red in the pdf lab instructions from Skillsoft. Then, write the answer following each of the tasks. Submit this document to the iLab Dropbox in Week 4.

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 iLab 4 of 7 Latest

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 iLab 4 of 7 Latest


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