SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussions Latest



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SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussions Latest

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussions Latest



SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussion 1 Latest

Security ACLs and Firewall (graded)

Discuss the security ACLs, we covered this week in the text reading and the lecture. Describe different scenarios where a specific type of ACL can enhance network security. Compare CBAC firewalls versus zone-based firewalls. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussion 2 Latest

iLab Experiences and WLAN Security (graded)

Read the Week 4 iLab instructions and discuss the expectations you have regarding this lab. Do you think the wireless LAN is secure on your network? What wireless security measures can you take to secure the WLAN? How did your actual lab experiences meet your expectations? Are there specific insights or challenges you encountered that you would like to share with the class?

What did you learn about wireless access points and roaming in completing this lab?

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussions Latest

SEC 450 DeVry Week 4 Discussions Latest


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