SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion Latest



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SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion Latest

SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion Latest



SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 1 Latest

Mitigating Risk (graded)

Top management asks you to present a review of the security risks associated with the various servers in the computing infrastructure. Take one of the servers and address three security risks from the least (low risk or moderate risk) to the greatest (high risk) and the kind of risk presented. For instance, if a server is closer to the network perimeter, it is at a higher risk of being compromised by a hacker. This is where it all starts. How do you implement consistent security policies?

SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 2 Latest

Incident Handling (graded)

Surprisingly, many of us may be unknowing victims of botnets. Because of the rising sophistication of botnet schemes, your computer can become a zombie along with thousands of other computers that flood a victim’s network and bring down servers. While the attack is going on, the botnet infects the network with spam, viruses, and malware. What are the four simple rules of stopping botnets on your personal PCs?

  • What are some of the symptoms that would make you suspicious that your computer has been attacked?
  • What part of a security incident should be logged?


SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion Latest

SEC 280 DeVry Week 7 Discussion Latest




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