REL 212 Week 5 Midterm Exam Latest-Strayer



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REL 212 Week 5 Midterm Exam Latest-Strayer

REL 212 Week 5 Midterm Exam Latest-Strayer


REL 212 Week 5 Midterm Exam Latest-Strayer

Question 1

When we take the time to learn about each other’s beliefs, the journey

Question 2

Women were given more respect than what culture dictated by

Question 3

According to Mircea Eliade, how is the sacred different from the everyday world of random and unimportant occurrences?

Question 4

The Dahomey tradition from West Africa was carried to Haiti by African slaves and called

Question 5

How does the phrase “Respect is always due to all creatures” illustrate the indigenous worldview?

Question 6

What is the religious term for models of the origins of the universe?

Question 7

The power of the feminine aspect of the divine is known as

Question 8

The two great Hindu epics are called

Question 9

The three major aspects of deity in Hinduism are called

Question 10

How has the caste system affected Indian society?

Question 11

Why do Jains often work in banking, education, law, and publishing?

Question 12

If Tirthankaras are not gods, why are there images of them in temples?

Question 13

The Jain principle of nonattachment is called

Question 14

The two main branches of Buddhism are called

Question 15

According to the Buddha, his teachings are a raft that take us to the farther shore, which he calls

Question 16

Buddhists who follow the Theravada tradition study a large collection of ancient scriptures called the

Question 17

The most complex and profound of Mahayana teachings focuses on emptiness or voidness, which is called

Question 18

When asked to define the essentials of strong government, Confucius stated that the only true essential is that

Question 19

The distinctively Japanese religion is called

Question 20

Why is the cosmos an ever-changing phenomenon?