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POLS 210 Week 2 Forums Latest

POLS 210 Week 2 Forums Latest


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What influence does public opinion have on health care policy? Provide a recent (last eight weeks) poll or news article on healthcare policy illustrating the power of public opinion to affect policy.

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AFTER reading the Lesson 2 readings this week, which address numerous historical political campaigns, please answer the following question.

Using concepts and terms from the readings, compare and contrast the 2004 and 2012 presidential election campaign tactics by reviewing one Democratic ad and one Republican ad from each election (four ads overall).

Remember to analyze the ads. Don’t simply describe them. (Because you will link to your ads, the rest of us can see for ourselves what they looked like). Leave out personal opinions, and stick to facts and concepts in the readings, which also should be cited where appropriate.

Optional: Predictions for 2016?

Here are some web sources which you might want to consult:

Optional (ungraded):

Feel free to test your own political orientation (liberal, conservative, libertarian, populist) with this online survey. If so inclined, feel free to share your results.

The site is: