POLS 210 Week 1 Quiz Latest



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POLS 210 Week 1 Quiz Latest

POLS 210 Week 1 Quiz Latest


POLS 210 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Question 1 of 10

Which is NOT a form of justice described in the text?

  1. retributive
  2. blind
  3. restorative
  4. distributive

Question 2 of 10

Which statement about the balance of power between the federal and state governments is most accurate?

  1. The federal government is always losing power.
  2. The balance of power is the same as when the Constitution was first ratified.
  3. The United States now has a national system and not a federal system.
  4. It is dynamic with power sometimes leaning toward the states and sometimes towards the federal government.

Question 3 of 10

Which of the following statements about federalism is true?

  1. It’s the most common form of government in the world.
  2. It’s the form of government used in the United States.
  3. It’s identical to a unitary system.
  4. It has a weaker central government than a confederal system.

Question 4 of 10

Which is a power/responsibility exercised solely by the federal government?

  1. taxation
  2. education
  3. war
  4. safety

Question 5 of 10

What does “separation of powers” mean?

  1. This concept has to do with spreading power among three branches of government so no one branch would have unitary power.
  2. Based on the 10th Amendment, the federal government has one set of powers, and anything not specified for it in the Constitution reverts to the states.
  3. This is what is causing the partisanship in Congress – having two chambers (i.e., House and Senate) with different powers.
  4. This concept has to do with the national military Services relative to the states’ National Guards.

Question 6 of 10

What was the name of the USA’s first form of government?

  1. The US Constitution
  2. The Declaration of Independence
  3. The Emancipation Proclamation
  4. The Articles of Confederation

Question 7 of 10

Liberty, equality, order, and justice are examples of what?

  1. political values
  2. religious values
  3. economic values
  4. production values

Question 8 of 10

Which form of federalism consists of the federal and state governments working together on issues?

  1. cooperative
  2. dual
  3. layer-cake
  4. nationalism

Question 9 of 10

Clean air, clean water, safe streets, and national security are often cited as examples of what?

  1. Utopia
  2. public goods
  3. conflicting national priorities
  4. primarily private responsibilities

Question 10 of 10

Which concept is specifically written in the Bill of Rights?

  1. separation of church and state
  2. protection from offensive language
  3. the right to healthcare
  4. the right of the people to keep and bear arms