NR 392 Week 5 DQ Latest-DeVry



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NR 392 Week 5 DQ Latest-DeVry

NR 392 Week 5 DQ Latest-DeVry


NR 392 Week 5 Discussion-DeVry

Strategies for Inter professional Collaboration to Promote Quality (graded)

This week as we focus on inter professional collaboration to promote quality, please remember that professionals include dietitians, therapists (respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech), social workers/case managers, psychologists, physicians, pharmacists, and others. Professionals do not include patients, families, aides, or unlicensed assistive personnel.

Working as an interdisciplinary team helps promote positive patient outcomes. What strategies do you use to successfully work with other professions in your workplace to promote quality care? What strategies are not successful? What are the barriers to inter professional collaboration, and how will you overcome these barriers?