NETW 420 DeVry Week 6 iLab Latest



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NETW 420 DeVry Week 6 iLab Latest

NETW 420 DeVry Week 6 iLab Latest



NETW 420 DeVry Week 6 iLab Latest 

Configuring traps in SNMP agents with PRTG Network Monitor

iLab Overview


This week’s lab provides a framework to monitoring and configuring traps in network devices discovered in the previous lab. Specifically, network alarms are configuring in a switch port load, a web server, and a disable router port. You will configure PRTG Network Monitor to achieve these goals. Pay special attention to lab instructions to complete the lab successfully.

This lab uses PRTG Network Monitor in the Skillsoft environment.


(See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.)

You will be saving screenshots of various parts of the lab and answering the questions outlined in the lab instruction sheet available to download at Skillsoft lab environment.

Your deliverable is a lab report, completed in Microsoft Word. It will include screenshots and answers to the questions outlined in the instruction sheet. It has two parts that are required for full credit. The first part has questions and requires the accompanying screenshots, and the second part requires a summary and conclusion based on your results.

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