MN 507 Complete Unit Discussions Pack Latest-Kaplan



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MN 507 Complete Unit Discussions Pack Latest-Kaplan

MN 507 Complete Unit Discussions Pack Latest-Kaplan


MN 507 Unit 1 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

Topic 2: Skills for Agenda Setting

Assume that you have been invited to your state board of nursing or state nurses’ association meeting to brainstorm health policy issues. Identify an issue that you would bring before this meeting. What resources would you use? What communication techniques would you use? What agenda would you put forth? What skills are required of you as an advance practice nurse at this meeting?

MN 507 Unit 2 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: PolyPharmacy and Policy

Look at case study number two, PolyPharmacy Problems, p. 166 of Health Policy and Politics, A Nurses Guide,by Milstead. Formulate a policy to reduce the practice of multiple drug prescriptions. What tools might be included in the design phase of the policy process to increase the probability of success? What research from other countries could be helpful in addressing this issue? Support your reasoning.

DQ 2

Topic 2: VHA Innovative Model Analysis

Analyze the Veteran’s Health Administration’s patient centered medical homes (PCMHs) and patient-aligned care teams (PACTs). See case study number two, p.184 of Health Policy and Politics, A Nurses Guide, by Milstead. What design, implementation, evaluation, and program techniques would you use to ensure the success of this model? What flaws do you see in the implementation of this program?

MN 507 Unit 3 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: Third-party Payment

How does third-party payment distort the market for health care? If it is so distorted why does every wealthy country insist on using third-party intermediaries to purchase health care? Why do we carve out a separate payment program for our elder citizens?

DQ 2

Topic 2: Medicaid and Medicare

Summarize ways in which health insurance fails, as people get older. Distinguish between Medicaid and Medicare. Determine whether your state has expanded Medicaid. Why would states choose not to participate in Medicaid expansion?

MN 507 Unit 4 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: Cost Shifting

Identify health care policies that use cost shifting. Argue the benefits of cost shifting. How might the Affordable Care Act decrease cost shifting within hospitals?

DQ 2

Topic 2: Managed Care

In what way does managed care actually manage cost? Does it do so without diminishing the quality of care? If so, how does it accomplish this?

MN 507 Unit 5 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: Accountable Care Organizations Improve Quality of Care

How can the formation of Accountable Care Organizations improve quality of care and make providers more responsible for cost of care? Give an example of a study that has addressed coordination of care and has had documented success. Describe the study and its implications for care.

DQ 2

Topic 2: The Nurse’s Role in the Accountable Care Act

Discuss the advanced practice nurse’s role in the Affordable Care Act. How will health care improve, using advance practice nurses under the Affordable Care Act?

MN 507 Unit 6 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: Model Implementation

Describe a model that you might use to introduce the policy change your group is advocating for in your position paper. How would you implement that model? Give an overview of the policy change your group is advocating for.

DQ 2

Topic 2: Debate Transcript

Group leaders post the transcript of your side’s debate in this Discussion area for others to critique and peer review. Place the Movenote podcast in also. You may post the draft if you have not completed the final. Choose three groups’ works that do not have comments to review.

MN 507 Unit 7 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: Regulating Professional Practice

Compare the roles of state board of nursing with the role of professional organizations in regulating professional practice. What are the major methods of credentialing? List the benefits and weaknesses of each method from the standpoint of protecting the public and the protection of the professional scope of practice.

DQ 2

Topic 2: Case Study

Look at the case study number one, (In) Secure Communication? On page 240 of Health Policy and Politics, A Nurses Guide, by Milstead. Analyze what might have transpired if Annie did not have a nursing background. List the breakdowns in communication that occurred and the potential ramifications. Did the advance practice nurse’s office fulfill a meaningful use stage 2 requirements of providing secure electronic communication between the patient and healthcare provider? Why or why not?

MN 507 Unit 8 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

DQ 1

Topic 1: Genomics and Genetics

Differentiate between genetics and genomics. Articulate how nurses can be involved in policy making in the field of genomics. How can research in the field be tied to practice? Identify organizations that are open to nurses in the field of genomics.

DQ 2

Topic 2: Paper Draft

Group leader post the draft of the group’s abstract and position paper for your peers to learn from and critique. Choose three groups’ papers that do not have comments to review.

MN 507 Unit 9 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

Topic 1: Policy Implications of Patient Safety Standards and Practices

Read the case study number one, Moving to a Common Core Interprofessional Patient Safety Curriculumon page 254 in Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse’s Guide, by Milstead. Why is it important that health professionals share a common understanding of patient safety standards and practices? What are the policy implications from accepting that “mistakes are normal and all human err”? How would you approach health care systems leaders or employers about changing employment policies related to punitive actions when errors occur?

MN 507 Unit 10 Discussions Latest-Kaplan

Topic 1: Global Health Agenda

What are some of the opportunities that are available to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the advance of the World Health Organization (WHO) global health agenda? Describe how the application of multiculturalism and diversity practices and policies can impact the organization you work in respect to those opportunities. Summarize what you have learned in this course to advance how the role of an advance practice nurse can influence this global approach.