MKTG 425 DeVry Final Exam Latest



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MKTG 425 DeVry Final Exam Latest

MKTG 425 DeVry Final Exam Latest



MKTG 425 DeVry Final Exam Latest

1. (TCO 1) Candle-Mix, a supply house for scented and unscented tapers and other ceremonial candles to houses of worship, restaurants, and other establishments, has experienced a downturn in business in the last two years. Upon investigation, Kim, the owner of Candle-Mix, learns that the same candles that they sell are available from online retailers for at least 13% less. The firm will not be able to survive if customers continue purchasing from competing e-retailers. Candle-Mix maintains a storefront for selling candles but does not provide other services or products. What concerns should Kim have in regards to lowering prices to match the online retailers? (Points : 10)

  • she will sell out of her most popular candles
  • her high-quality candles may be seen as low-quality
  • customers will be buying from her day and night
  • she can expand into other countries
  • she will be too busy to spend time with family

Question 2. 2. (TCO 3) Mondelez Corporation is expanding into a new territory in which they are not as well-known as they are in their current territories. As part of this new push, the sales director decides to use a strategy that involves making aggressive cold-calls and hosting frequent educational seminars. How will the sales cycle in this new territory most likely compare in length to the cycle in the established territories of Mondelez Corporation? (Points : 10)

  • It will be shorter, because the salespeople will be calling prospects to introduce the company.
  • It will be shorter, because Mondelez Corporation will not have to overcome false impressions.
  • It will be longer, because the salespeople will have to introduce the company in cold calls instead of getting name recognition from prospects.
  • It will be longer, because consumers in the new territory have not expressed a need for Mondelez Corporation’s products before.
  • It will be the same, because sales presentations are independent of sales cycles.

Question 3. 3. (TCO 3) Robert Caruthers has just been hired by Kipler Company to replace a sales representative who is retiring after 40 years with the company. The older representative is training Robert on procedures and customers in his territory for three weeks before he retires, and Robert knows this is a huge opportunity to learn about the prospect base. When Robert asks which CRM system the company uses, the older representative says, “Everyone else here uses some computer program called Salesforce, but I won’t touch it. I know my customers like the back of my hand! I never needed to write anything down.” Robert becomes concerned. He used Salesforce in college and knows how vital it is to have customer information, sales records, preferences, and conversations recorded. Which aspect of the CRM process did the sales manager miss out on most by the retiring representative’s non-use of Salesforce? (Points : 10)

  • Accurate reports for forecasting and projected client revenues.
  • Personally knowing the names of the clients.
  • Ensuring all sales team members worked the same way.
  • Keeping the organizational culture in sync.
  • Full disclosure reports for ethics training and corporate compliance.

Question 4. 4. (TCO 4) George Kline is a sales representative for Southern-Swim, a swimming pool service and supply company. Southern-Swim sells the chemicals needed for pool maintenance as well as pool accessories like slides, ladders, and diving boards. Southern-Swim sells to both consumers and businesses. George has noticed that many of his customers become very frustrated with him when he attempts to use needs assessment, problem solving, or relationship building techniques. These customers typically know what product will meet their needs. What should George most likely do when faced with such customers? (Points : 10)

  • Highlight product benefits more than product features.
  • Ask the customer questions to identify unspoken wants.
  • Focus on the purchase stage of the buying process.
  • Spend more time building rapport with the customer.
  • Rework the presentation script to focus more on emotion.

Question 5. 5. (TCO 4) Chun Tai is a sales representative for Southern-Swim, a swimming pool service and supply company. Southern-Swim sells the chemicals needed for pool maintenance as well as pool accessories like slides, ladders, and diving boards. Southern-Swim sells to both consumers and businesses. Chun has noticed that many of his customers become very frustrated with him when he attempts to use needs assessment, problem solving, or relationship building techniques. These customers typically know what product will meet their needs. Chun positions certain swimming pool accessories, such as slides and diving boards, to appeal to baby boomers with grandchildren. Which influence on buying decisions is most important in this situation? (Points : 10)

  • role
  • culture
  • social class
  • reference group
  • organizational culture

Question 6. 6. (TCO 5) Women’s swimwear designer Keli Muan’a designs high-end swimsuits. The suits are sassy in style, but fit a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, which is unusual in the high-end market. Sales director Debbie Clark sells the suits to boutiques at exclusive resorts and hotels. These boutiques usually carry other high-end swimsuit lines. Which of the following is a confirmation question Debbie could ask a boutique buyer? (Points : 10)

  • Can we arrange delivery for next Wednesday?
  • Are the limited sizes of the other swimsuits you carry affecting sales?
  • What are the shapes and sizes of the guests at the resort?
  • So, the swimsuit lines you currently stock do not sell to larger or older customers?
  • What if we could give you a line to sell that is luxurious but also looks as good on older and bigger women as it does on smaller women?

Question 7. 7. (TCO 5) Northern Fire Big Equipment imports heavy machinery used in regions of Europe and North America where heavy snowfall is an issue. This machinery is used by cities and counties to clear roads during snowstorms. Josh Andrews is the senior regional sales manager for New England. Josh goes into a meeting with the sanitation director of a large U.S. city that got slammed by a snowstorm a month previously. During the cleanup, operators of the city’s plows destroyed a significant amount of city and personal property, which triggered public inquiry into the competence of the sanitation staff and director. Based on what Josh learns during the discussion, he realizes that the director has some unique equipment needs that may involve developing a custom machine. Josh will most likely need to: (Points : 10)

  • ask more closed questions
  • recommend a competing product
  • develop a complex sales package
  • use persuasive communication skills
  • engage in product configuration

Question 8. 8. (TCO 6) GoodYear Tires, Inc. designs and manufactures tires for the trucking industry. Their products include tires for semi-cabs as well as tractor-trailers of various sizes and weight limits. Ron, a sales representative for GoodYear, is meeting with a trucking company that delivers primarily lumber and other supplies to home improvement and construction retailers. Ron realizes that the trucking company can purchase tires from other tire companies. With this in mind, he should most likely: (Points : 10)

  • promote GoodYear as the industry leader even if this is untrue
  • ignore the features and benefits of the lowest-priced competitor
  • point out quality problems with the firm’s current tire provider
  • highlight the drop in prices of GoodYear tires in the last five years
  • focus on favorable differences between GoodYear tires and the next-best alternative

Question 9. 9. (TCO 6) Jorge Ortez works at the MittleRx Cosmetic counter at a high-end department store. His job is to give prospects a facial and makeover using MittleRx products and then sell them the products he used. Jorge always says that he’s “in the business of making women feel good about how they look.” The proof device Jorge is most likely to use is: (Points : 10)

  • FDA safety ratings for the ingredients used in the products
  • the makeover itself
  • testimonials by the other MittleRx sales representatives at the counter
  • survey results of satisfied MittleRx users
  • a tour of the manufacturing facilities

Question 10. 10. (TCO 6) Jack Wilson is a junior sales representative for a large equipment manufacturer. Kesha Waters, a senior sales representative, has requested that Jack help her to prepare a sales presentation for a new prospect. Jack and Kesha make a second call on a client to present the proposal. After thanking the prospect for agreeing to a meeting, Kesha says, “I would like to accomplish three goals during the time you’ve given us today.” Which approach is she most likely using? (Points :10)

  • customer benefit
  • referral
  • premium
  • agenda
  • survey

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Question 1. 1. (TCO 8) Eagle Enterprises is a design company that sells office equipment, layout and furnishing packages to builders and developers. Bo Hernandez is a trade sales representative with Eagle Enterprises. As a trade sales representative, he promotes the company and its products to brokers who have their sales representatives selling Eagle’s designs, equipment and furnishings to clients. A large part of Bo’s job involves attending industry trade shows and working at the Eagle Enterprises booth at the exhibit hall of the trade show. Since Bo covers both trade shows and resellers, it makes most sense for him to organize his territory by: (Points : 10)

  • date of trade show and location of reseller
  • date of trade show and complexity of reseller
  • time zone of trade show and time zone of reseller
  • size of trade show and size of reseller
  • size of trade show and zip code of reseller

Question 2. 2. (TCO 8) Calico Computing is a firm that sells software integration and infrastructure packages to schools and universities. Georgia Redding is an inside sales representative with Calico Computing. As an inside sales representative, her sales presentations are made via webinar. She reaches clients and prospects by phone, email, and instant messaging, all from her home office. According to Georgia, the best thing about her job is having a fulfilling professional career but never having to commute to an office. Georgia needs to organize her territory. Which categories would make the most sense for her to use to organize her territory to schedule her calls most efficiently? (Points : 10)

  • zip code and type of organization
  • time zone and size of organization
  • time zone and zip code
  • zip code and contact’s position in the organization
  • area code and contact’s position in the organization

Question 3. 3. (TCO 7) Tommy DesDain is the sales representative for the Holiday Zoo. He sells events, such as wedding receptions, corporate dinners, and fundraisers that are held on zoo grounds. Tommy has just finished negotiating all the details of Carole Madison’s upcoming wedding reception and is preparing to close the sale. Carole is considerably interested in having her wedding at the zoo but seems to need help envisioning the process and benefits. Which of the following is a signal that Carole is ready to sign the contract to book the reception? (Points : 10)

  • She looks at her watch.
  • She checks her phone for messages.
  • She asks, “How much do I need to put down now to reserve the date?”
  • She asks, “Why don’t you offer pre-set desserts?”
  • She says, “The country club offers a chocolate fountain at no extra cost.”

Question 4. 4. (TCO 7) Gina Robertson is a sales representative with Coast-to-Coast Trans, a company that provides full service chartered flights—airplanes, pilots, staff, and services—to client groups. She has just closed a large sale of several flights each week for four months to a service organization of college students. The students are sent on work service projects all across the United States. The first flights will begin one week after the closing date. After the first flight, Gina would most likely build a long-term relationship with the new client by: (Points : 10)

  • e-mailing a new flight schedule
  • sending an online customer service survey
  • calling the client to ensure satisfaction with the flight
  • requesting referrals from the client to engage in upselling
  • checking with the billing department to make sure the client was invoiced

Question 5. 5. (TCO 7) Ana Lexington is the director of Membership Programs for the St. Louis Museum. She develops the programs and sells them to museum visitors. The programs are tiered and include discounts and special member-only deals. Ana has seen research showing that members who are contacted “meaningfully” at least once a month are more likely to renew their memberships. What form of contact would museum members be most likely to find meaningful each month? (Points : 10)

  • an automated phone call thanking them for their museum membership
  • an email invitation to an upcoming special event for museum members
  • a refrigerator magnet with a picture of a museum exhibit on it
  • a phone call from another museum member requesting donations
  • a postcard with reminders of the museum’s hours of operation

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Question 1. 1. (TCO 2) Our textbook discusses three channels of distribution that employ sales professionals. Discuss the main components of the Business-To-Business Channels. Which career opportunity within this channel do you see yourself working in? Explain why you chose this option. (20 points) (Points : 20)

Question 2. 2. (TCO 8) List the four dimensions of opportunity management. How would you describe your time management skills? List the four time-saving techniques used by time-conscious people and describe how you can use each to increase your time management. (20 points) (Points : 20)

Question 3. 3. (TCO 4) Ron Hall is a customer service representative responsible for selling time-shares to a new family resort on the Orlando Florida Universal Studios property. Assume that Ron’s buyer is a married father of two children, an executive at Proctor and Gamble and has a dominant communication style. How should Ron plan to approach this buyer? What features and benefits will most likely appeal to this buyer? What type of selling tools will help make the demonstration most effective? (20 points) (Points : 20)

Question 4. 4. (TCO 2) What are the major differences between Sales and Marketing? What can Sales and Marketing do to better coordinate their activities? (20 points) (Points : 20)

Question 5. 5. (TCO 1) Describe the evolution of strategic selling. What are the four broad strategic areas in the Strategic Selling Model? How do value-added selling strategies enhance personal selling? (20 points) (Points : 20)