MKTG 410 Week 1 Discussions Latest-DeVry



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MKTG 410 Week 1 Discussions Latest-DeVry

MKTG 410 Week 1 Discussions Latest-DeVry


MKTG 410 Week 1 DQ Latest-DeVry

DQ 1 – Effective IMC World

IMC enables companies to effectively build a brand in the marketplace. IMC is about integrating all of the company’s promotional efforts to provide a consistent brand experience for each touch point the consumer has with the brand—review Figure 1-2 in the textbook to see of all the elements in the promotional mix. Which companies would you suggest have implemented an effective IMC strategy? Which companies have not? (There are no rights and wrongs here; this is based on your judgment.)

DQ 2 – Brand Identity in IMC

Many companies have maintained their same brand identity for years by keeping the same logos, packaging, and so on, while others have made changes. Give examples of companies employing both of these strategies and discuss their results.