MGMT 591 Week 3 Discussions Latest-DeVry



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MGMT 591 Week 3 Discussions Latest-DeVry

MGMT 591 Week 3 Discussions Latest-DeVry


MGMT 591 Week 3 Discussion 1 Latest-DeVry

Application of Motivation Theories (graded)

CLASS…here is our case study on motivation for this week. Concentrate your efforts on helping the class understand the varied motivation theories in our readings this week.

MGMT 591 Week 3 Discussion 2 Latest-DeVry

Job Characteristics Model + Rewards/Recognition (graded)

In Chapter 8 our authors introduce the Job Characteristics Model. Please open the attached excel spreadsheet– Job Diagnostic Survey. Click on the survey tab at the bottom of the sheet and complete the survey.

Note that there are 5 tabs…introduction, survey, results, graph of your results, and tutorial.

Post your Motivating Potential Score (MPS) with a shortened title describing the job for which the score applies. Then describe specific things that can be done to enrich the job using the core job dimensions identified by the job characteristics model. What obstacles would have to be overcome to apply the model to this particular job? [Please list the scores for each of the 5 core job dimensions as well] NOTE:

Mid-week we shift our focus to rewards and recognition.