MGMT 591 Week 2 Discussions Latest-DeVry



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MGMT 591 Week 2 Discussions Latest-DeVry

MGMT 591 Week 2 Discussions Latest-DeVry


MGMT 591 Week 2 Discussion 1 Latest-DeVry

Satisfied Workers + Individual Differences (graded)

Our discussion this week focuses on the topics in Chapter 3-6 in the textbook. For starters…assume you are new to your job, and on the first day you have a conversation with your boss, who says, “Satisfied workers are productive workers.” Do you agree with her statement? Why? Why not? Please support your opinion with evidence from our readings. Please also remember to respond to your classmates’ posts to stimulate further discussion.

I will also introduce discussion starters related to emotion and mood, personality and values, and emotional intelligence as the week unfolds

MGMT 591 Week 2 Discussion 2 Latest-DeVry

Decision Making + Perception (graded)

Poor quality decisions are endemic in business today. As Paul Nutt remarked in his 2002 book, Why Decisions Fail, “Half of the decisions made in organizations fail, making failure far more prevalent than previously thought” (p. 22). Unfortunately, things have not improved dramatically since then. Fortunately, we have a useful body of knowledge available to help us improve our decision making skill. We’ll begin with a case study to get at some basic decision making fundamentals coupled with additional material I’ll share as we explore this important topic.

Here is our case study on decision making. Discussion questions found at the end of the case document.

Address only ONE question at a time.

Mid-week we’ll shift our focus to perception and attribution.