MGMT 591 Week 1 Discussions Latest-DeVry



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MGMT 591 Week 1 Discussions Latest-DeVry

MGMT 591 Week 1 Discussions Latest-DeVry


MGMT 591 Week 1 Discussion 1 Latest-DeVry

OB Challenges (graded)

This week, our text discusses the definition of organizational behavior, and in particular, its applied focus. Our lesson focuses on high-performance organizations (HPOs). However, in order to become a HPO, an organization needs to navigate the complexities of the workforce as well as mitigate the challenges that exist. What are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that exist for managers in using OB concepts? Give specific examples.

How can the study of OB help organizations work through these challenges successfully?

MGMT 591 Week 1 Discussion 2 Latest-DeVry

The Individual: Diversity in Organizations (graded)

People are so complicated, there’s so much going on inside each of them, much of what we think we know about each of them we don’t. That’s where perception, presumption, and attribution, not to mention stereotype, fail us. There is no one set path. Idiosyncratic is the best way to really describe people. Everyone is outside the box. Everyone is an exception to the rule. No one is “the average.” It is ultimately the only true diversity. That makes each person, each individual, one of kind. Nothing routine about any of them. Source: Adapted from Louis Scheimer, Valdosta State University.

Let’s begin our exploration of INDIVIDUALS with a focus on diversity in the workplace from an OB perspective by discussing the following case study.