MGMT 340 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package



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MGMT 340 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package


MGMT 340 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package


MGMT 340 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest

Systems Development Process (graded)

Why should an organization consider utilizing a systems analysis and design methodology when building a new system instead of building a system in any which way that seems to be fast and simple? What value is provided by using an engineering approach?

MGMT 340 DeVry Week 2 Discussion Latest

Project Feasibility (graded)

Why is the process of assessing project feasibility so important? What are the various methods for assessing project feasibility? Which factor is the most important? Why? Can there be a situation when one assessment factor is more important than another factor?

MGMT 340 DeVry Week 3 Discussion Latest

Determining System Requirements (graded)

Data collection takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is not worth the time and trouble. What do you think? What are some faster ways to accomplish data collection?

MGMT 340 DeVry Week 4 Discussion Latest

Selecting the Best Alternative (graded)

What processes are needed in order to shape alternative design strategies for a system?

MGMT 340 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest

The User Interface (graded)

What are the different types of errors, and what are some of the ways we can design our system to provide clear error messages and feedback to the user? What happens if the feedback is unclear?

MGMT 340 DeVry Week 6 Discussion Latest

Implementation Method and Experiences (graded)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the installation methods our book describes?

1. Direct Installation “Cold Turkey”

2. Parallel Installation (Old system runs with the new)

3. Single Location “Pilot Approach”

4. Phases Installation “Staged Incremental”

Share examples of when each of these methods should be used. Defend your selection. Also, if you have any implementation experience, please share your own experiences.

MGMT 340 DeVry Week 7 Discussion Latest

When to Use Agile Methods (graded)

What types of projects would you use Agile Methodologies and engineering-based approaches to system development?