MATH 260 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest



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MATH 260 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest


MATH 260 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest


MATH 260 DeVry Week 5 Discussion

Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (graded)

This week, we will be exploring exponential and logarithmic functions, as well as L’ Hospitals Rule. Here are some questions that we will address. Please post your answers in this thread.

  • What are the formulas for the derivatives of e^x and ln(x)?
  • How do the formulas change when the base of a logarithm is other than e?
  • How can we use these formulas to determine the derivatives of more complex functions involving e^x and ln(x)?
  • What role do the rules for expanding logarithmic functions play in making it easier to find derivatives of complex logarithmic functions?
  • What is L’ Hospitals Rule? What conditions must be met in order to make use of it? How do we use it to find a limit?
  • What real-world applications can you find involving exponential and logarithmic functions? Explain how you would use derivatives to explore those applications.

Please use examples from the homework to illustrate your answers.