MATH 260 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest



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MATH 260 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest


MATH 260 DeVry Week 1 Discussion Latest


MATH 260 DeVry Week 1 Discussion

Understanding Limits and Derivatives (graded)

This week, we will be dealing with limits and their connection to the derivative. Here are some questions that we will address. Please post your answers in this thread.

  1. What is a limit?
  2. How is the mathematical meaning of a limit similar to and different from how we perceive a limit in the real world?
  3. How do we find a limit?
  4. Under what circumstances is a limit undefined?
  5. How does continuity play a role in finding limits and vice versa?
  6. Discuss the continuity of the following: f(x) = (x + 3)/(x^2 – 9).
  7. How do limits play a role in exploring vertical and horizontal asymptotes?
  8. How are one-sided and two-sided limits related? How can the relation sometimes be used to determine the existence or nonexistence of a limit?
  9. How can the answers to these questions help us link the concept of limit to the concept of derivative?
  10. What is the limit definition of derivative? How can we use it to find a derivative?

Please feel free to use examples from the homework to illustrate your answers.