LTRE 421 DeVry Week 7 Discussion



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LTRE 421 DeVry Week 7 Discussion


LTRE 421 DeVry Week 7 Discussion


LTRE 421 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 1

The Well-Tempered Critic (graded)

In grammar school, you were asked to summarize what a story, poem, play, or essay was about. The emphasis was merely on understanding plot. In high school, you began to deepen your understanding of literature by looking beyond the plot to theme, character development, symbolism, and applications and connections to life.

In college, we take this to the next level and begin to understand a variety of critical approaches that deepen our understanding of any text on many levels: Freudian, historical, feminist, deconstructive, and hermeneutical approaches. We will begin by defining some of these approaches and then by applying them to a specific literary text.

a) Define Freudian, feminist, and historical textual analyses. Apply one of these approaches listed below to one of this week’s texts. How does having a critical approach help deepen your understanding of the possible meaning a text may have?

b) Can feminist readings occur in the relative absence of overtly stated feminist causes? How is this possible?

c) What is the value of deconstructing language to get at meaning? How is meaning advanced by this kind of reading? Please give an example of what you mean.

d) Consider a character with which you can deeply identify. How does this character help you to act in your modern circumstances?

LTRE 421 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 2

The Value of Literary Studies (graded)

Consider the value of literature and discuss whether literature does or does not help you as a human being who must act in the world. Respond to one or more of the following questions:

  • Does an understanding of literature make us better as people? Is that the point of literature?
  • Should literature be taught differently in our grammar schools, high schools, and colleges?
  • Should we be reading less and creating more? Does understanding what has come before help us create?