LTRE 421 DeVry Week 5 Discussion



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LTRE 421 DeVry Week 5 Discussion


LTRE 421 DeVry Week 5 Discussion


LTRE 421 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 1

Revenge Drama and Pleasure (graded)

Consider the value and role of aesthetics in art? Do modern works of literature or art accomplish aesthetic goals? Does Elizabethan drama accomplish aesthetic goals?

For example, let’s examine the imagery in Hamlet. What images does Shakespeare use, and how do they provide welcome or dreaded visuals for the audience?

Consider Hamlet’s lines, for example:

  • Nay, but to live
  • In the rank sweat of an enseamed bed,
  • Stew’d in corruption, honeying and making love
  • Over the nasty sty…

What is Shakespeare trying to tell us about Gertrude and Claudius? Can you find other images that signal us to think or feel a certain way?

LTRE 421 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 2

Hamlet and the Modern Context (graded)

There is a fine line between revenge tragedy and horror. Hamlet is, after all, visited by a ghost. That is the start of the play, which sets the tone for what follows. It is unclear whether he is mad or grief struck. What modern tales resemble Hamlet’s dilemma?

Describe a modern revenge tragedy that you have seen. What was the plot? What was the theme or the moral takeaway? Describe the main character of the piece. Consider in what ways your modern view is indebted to Shakespeare’s development of tragedy, revenge, horror elements, and moral outcomes for the characters.