IBA 301 Unit 2 DQ Latest-POST



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IBA 301 Unit 2 DQ Latest-POST

IBA 301 Unit 2 DQ Latest-POST


IBA 301 Unit 2 Discussion Latest-POST

It is important that you participate meeting the requirements outlined in the course information section. In order for your posts to receive credit they must demonstrate critical thinking and contribute something new to the discussion. Repeating what your classmates already wrote has no merit. Use your readings to support your statements and come up with new ideas for the discussion. If you use content from external sources a citation and reference must be included and the content must be in quotes if taken verbatim.

Please post your main answer to the discussion question by creating a new thread with your name in the subject line. Then reply to at least two of your classmate posts. The discussion question this week is: What are the benefits and disadvantages of free international trade for the United States? Illustrate your answer with examples.