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HSA 320 Final Exam Part 1

  1. Which health care professional provides the majority of care to patients?
  2. Which of these allied health professionals perform diagnostic exams for cardiovascular issues?
  3. ________________ uses sound waves to generate body images that assist with disease detection.
  4. A broad spectrum of skilled professionals that complement primary care providers are called:
  5. Which statement is correct about a surgical assistant?
  6. ________________ is the application of exercise science to enhance the physical capabilities of individuals with
  7. What is a surgical assistant?
  8. Long term care insurance was developed for all of the following reasons except:
  9. The 2008 amendment to the Family, Medical, Leave Act of 1993, offers:
  10. Companies offer education reimbursement for all of the following reasons except:
  11. All of the following statements are true about managed care plans except:
  12. Job candidates expect all of the following types of employee benefits except:
  13. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a Health Reimbursement Account?
  14. Internships are examples of what types of employee training?
  15. Which type of motivational theory states that establishing performance goals for employees encourages employee performance?
  16. ____________are an example of experiential learning
  17. _______________ builds on cultural awareness training by focusing on the impact of actions by employees
  18. Prior to implementation of any training initiatives, a ______________or evaluation of the organization is completed to determine types of training needed.
  19. A ________________determines whether an existing employee is interested in participating in the training and has the ability to learn.
  20. All of these statements are correct about unions except:
  21. Which legislative act protected the rights of union members with respect to union participation and review of union financial records?
  22. What is at the core of the collective bargaining agreement?
  23. ____________________________ is a general term which represents methods other than the court system to resolve labor issues.
  24. What is the key to collective bargaining?
  25. U.S. union membership has declined in all industries except?

HSA 320 Final Exam Part 2

  1. The __________________________has been adopted into the Uniform Commercial Code and the American Law Institute’s Restatement of Contracts.
  2. _________________ is a relationship between an employee and an employer with expectations by each that the responsibilities of the other will be fulfilled.
  3. A __________________ consists of several conferences that focus on changing employee behavior from positive to negative.
  4. “If you do a great job, you will have a job for life.” is an example of what?
  5. Employees are terminated ________________which occurs when an employee jeopardizes other employees— examples are stealing or threatening another employee.
  6. An external procedure for resolving employment disputes is:
  7. __________________ consist of specially trained employees that become involved in evaluating employee disputes. They are required to sign confidentiality agreements regarding the process.
  8. The ______________________ which is the largest alternative dispute resolution provider, trains individuals in resolving employment issues through
  9. These insurance products became popular in the 1990s when the Civil Rights Act of 1991 (amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964) was passed, which allowed financial damages for discrimination and harassment suits.
  10. All of the following statements support the globalization of healthcare except:
  11. In 2009, what did the Joint Commission and the National Committee on Quality Assurance do?
  12. Which of these demographic statements are correct?
  13. Which international healthcare system worked with Microsoft Health Vault in a pilot study to assess the patients’ use of the Health Vault.
  14. Which of these organizations is the largest pay for performance experimental program in the U.S?
  15. A pay for performance system performs which of the following?
  16. An electronic platform for interaction between individuals and organizations is called:
  17. The Institute of Medicine report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System recommended what type of activity to increase the prevention of medical errors?
  18. What is the importance of HR metrics analysis?
  19. What is the first step in crafting a strategy for an organization?
  20. ‘Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s ultimate goal is the eradication of cancer, AIDS,
    and related diseases and the fear that they engender’ is what type of statement?
  21. All of these statements represents the Institute of Medicine’s definition of ‘quality’ in healthcare except:
  22. The purpose, specific business, geographic location and customer base describe what in an organization?
  23. The first step of creating a strategy is:
  24. Which step is the most difficult in the strategic management process?
  25. ________________   influences include age, race, income levels ethnicity, geographic location, education, family size, and life expectancies?

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