HCA 610 Week 6 Discussions Latest-GCU



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HCA 610 Week 6 Discussions Latest-GCU

HCA 610 Week 6 Discussions Latest-GCU


HCA 610 Week 6 Discussion 1 Latest-GCU

In today’s economy, an important measure for a CEO or CFO is the return on assets (ROA). The goal is to maximize the ROA, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved clinical outcomes. Given the direction of reimbursement, a well-run project with positive results could impact a health care organization’s revenue performance. What are some ways building projects will lose without supply chain management’s expertise?

HCA 610 Week 6 Discussion 2 Latest-GCU

The key to planning technology is the investment in a strategic plan that encompasses not only where an organization is headed, but also defines the organization’s current position. The plan, in essence, outlines the pathway between the two. Making it successful depends on how the market is defined, and whether or not the right questions are being asked. To determine the long-term cost of operation and potential revenue generation for each piece of equipment, what factors need to be considered?