DeVry MATH 533 Complete Discussions Package New



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DeVry MATH 533 Complete Discussions Package New

DeVry MATH 533 Complete Discussions Package New


DeVry MATH 533 Week 1 Discussion New

Study and Sample Design (graded)

First Seed Question – A company makes men’s button-up dress shirts and is considering changes to its design. How might the company go about finding a good sample of individuals? These decisions would include method of sampling, location of sampling, population to consider, and number in sample, in addition to any other considerations.

To keep things organized in the TDAs, please always respond DIRECTLY to the “seed” questions TDA for each topic.

DeVry MATH 533 Week 2 Discussion New

Case: Let’s Make a Deal & Changing Probabilities Into Conditional Probabilities (graded)

A number of years ago, there was a popular television game show called Let’s Make a Deal. The host, Monty Hall, would randomly select contestants from the audience and, as the title suggests, he would make deals for prizes. Contestants would be given relatively modest prizes and then would be offered the opportunity to risk that prize to win better ones.

Suppose you are a contestant on this show. Monty has just given you a free trip worth $500 to a locale that is of little interest to you. He now offers you a trade: Give up the trip in exchange for a gamble. On the stage are three curtains, A, B, and C. Behind one of them is a brand-new car worth $45,000. Behind the other two curtains, the stage is empty.

You decide to gamble and give up the trip. (The trip is no longer an option for you.) You must now select one of the curtains. Suppose you select Curtain A.

In an attempt to make things more interesting, Monty then exposes an empty stage by opening Curtain C (he knows that there is nothing behind Curtain C). He then asks you if you want to keep Curtain A, or switch to Curtain B.

What would you do?

Hint: Questions to consider are: What is the probability of winning and the probability of losing the car prior to opening Curtain C? What is the probability of winning and the probability of losing the car after Curtain C is opened? What is your best strategy?

DeVry MATH 533 Week 3 Discussion New

Workplace Applications, Normal Distribution and Sampling Distributions (graded)

What is a “normal” population?  Our work this week introduces Normally distributed population to us, as well as Sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem.

Please review my posts below and respond.  In your responses, try to avoid just “giving the answer”.  If the question requires a calculation, explain what you did or show the major steps involved in the calculation.  We rarely want a “short, simple” answer!  It is always best to give the answer, and then explain how you arrived at the result.

You’ll notice that I post several questions.  You are not required to answer/work each question; I simply post questions to provide plenty of opportunity for responding to “new” material in the discussion.  Respond to as many of my posts as you wish. Minimum three (3) of course, though more very much welcome!

Remember to SHOW YOUR WORK so everyone can see your solution method.  If you use Minitab, be sure to describe or list the specific commands used.

DeVry MATH 533 Week 4 Discussion New

Confidence Intervals in Business (graded)

Consider when businesses might use confidence intervals to estimate values, such as in sales projections, marketing results, and so forth. Describe a business decision that could be helped with confidence intervals. Be specific! Then create a problem with numbers from which another student could calculate a confidence interval and make a decision.

DeVry MATH 533 Week 5 Discussion New

Hypothesis Testing (graded)

Using your workplace, present or prior, or an organization with which you are affiliated, identify a quantitative and a qualitative variable of interest to you. Set up the hypotheses for the population mean or proportion for the variables you have selected, and interpret your output.

DeVry MATH 533 Week 6 Discussion New

Regression Analysis (graded)

Suppose you are given data from a survey showing the IQ of each person interviewed and the IQ of his or her mother. That is all the information that you have. Your boss has asked you to put together a report showing the relationship between these two variables. What could you present, and why?

DeVry MATH 533 Week 7 Discussion New

Multiple Regression Variables (graded)

Research has found that completing an ethical course in school or business significantly predicts more ethical behavior. In addition to how many ethical courses were taken, the study also included the independent variables of gender, age, and certain personality characteristics. Ethical behavior was based on answers to next steps based on vignettes that did not have an obvious ethical outcome. How might this study be improved, and what other variables could be considered?

DeVry MATH 533 Complete Discussions Package New

DeVry MATH 533 Complete Discussions Package New



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