DeVry ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest



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DeVry ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest


ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest

Week 6: Macro and Micro Integration – Project Paper 2


This Project Two Paper tests your ability to apply Economic Principles to a Business Decision while considering the impact of the specific Economic Variables required for this Paper. Select one Decision Situation from the item scenarios listed in the Documents in Doc Sharing under the Category, “SEPT 2016 PROJECT TWO INFORMATION”.  REVIEW all three Files there for complete information and instructions related to this Project.

Complete the Economics Paper on the Decision Situation you have chosen using the Required Economic topics as outlined in the Grade Rubric you reviewed in the Doc Sharing Category, “SEPT 2016 PROJECT

TWO INFORMATION”. Post your Paper in the Dropbox no later than 11:59 PM Sunday, Oct. 9th.  This completed paper is a professional report and is due in this Week 6 on Oct. 2nd.

Again, see the grading rubric located in the Excel File for the GRADE RUBRIC in Doc Sharing for specific point breakout per topic/subtopic. It is recommended in writing your paper that you use the Topics/Headers, required by the instructions, as outlined in the Grade Rubric located in Doc Sharing for most efficiency in prioritizing those Graded Topics.   At least 5 empirical references are required for this paper.  See the 3 Files Posted under Doc Sharing, Category of “Sept 2016 Project TWO Information” for additional information and clarification.

Conduct Research on the Decision Scenario and the Economic Topics and show how each of the Economic topics applies to your scenario: GDP growth rate, the business cycle, unemployment, inflation, fiscal policy, unemployment, monetary policy, interest rates, and demographics.  See the Grade Rubric (posted in Doc Sharing) for specific points awarded for each required Economic Topic/Subtopic Discussed.

DeVry ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 6 Project Paper 2 Latest



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