DeVry ECON 545 Week 5 Project Paper 2 Outline Latest



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DeVry ECON 545 Week 5 Project Paper 2 Outline Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 5 Project Paper 2 Outline Latest


ECON 545 Week 5 Project Paper 2 Outline Latest



Project 2 is due in Week 6. The specifications for Project 2 are in Doc Sharing. This week, we require an outline of your Project 2 assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

Week 5: Monetary and Fiscal Policy – Project Paper 2 Outline


Welcome to your Project Two Outline and Paper that you will be completing in the next TWO weeks.  The OUTLINE (This week’s assignment, Week 5) for your Second Project Paper is due by Sunday night (by 11:59 PM) October 2nd, and is worth 20 points. Please review additional information under Announcements and under Doc Sharing, “Sept 2016 Project Two Information” Category.  I look forward to reviewing your OUTLINE (Week 5) and your PAPER (WEEK 6).

This week (Week 5) you will be writing an Outline to help you in writing the Final Paper that is due in Week 6.  This outline should include the Economic topics as shown in the Grade Rubric as well the information you wish to discuss in your scenario chosen from the Project Two Paper Assignment. Further explanations of the requirements are located IN THREE FILES in DOC SHARING under the Category “SEPT 2016 Project Two Information”. Please review ALL THREE FILES now for the outline is your preparation document to help you in writing the Week 6 Paper).

Keep in mind that you are compiling an OUTLINE you can use in writing your Economics Paper in Week 6.  Try to choose the scenario that best works for you in conjunction with the required Economic TOPICS.  Use the Economic Topics from the Grade Rubric should in your OUTLINE (Week 5) along with any additional topics you wish to add to the outline from the scenario chosen for your PAPER (Week 6), for best outcomes.  Remember you can always adjust YOUR Scenario TOPICS as you write the Actual Paper in Week 6.

The OUTLINE FOR THIS WEEK (5) is due on Sunday, Oct. 2nd.  Please place your OUTLINE in the Dropbox for grading.

Remember from the syllabus: Late work cannot be accepted for full credit unless a verifiable emergency (serious illness, accident, natural disaster) exists. In all cases (other than a verifiable emergency) please notify me of the reasons for your inability to submit on time.  If this is an acceptable reason per the Course Syllabus, I will grade with a 5% point deduction will be taken for each day the Project Outline is late. Also, please notify me of emergencies.  If I do not hear from you and no paper is posted by Due Date, I am required to assess a ZERO for the grade.

DeVry ECON 545 Week 5 Project Paper 2 Outline Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 5 Project Paper 2 Outline Latest




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