DeVry ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest



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DeVry ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest


ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest


Project 1 is due in Week 3. The specifications for Project 1 are in Doc Sharing. This week, we require an outline of your Project 1 assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

Week 2: Marginal Analysis – Project Paper 1 Outline

Hello Class and Welcome to Week 2! Congratulations, One week down! You have two “extra” assignments this week. First the MyEconLab assessment (under Assignments) covering TCOs A, B and C must be taken by the end of Week 2 (Sunday night at 11:59 PM). Also, remember the Live Lectures each week. You will find the Live Lectures give you the opportunity to learn more about some of the more complex Economics concepts. This week the Live Lecture addresses Marginal Analysis (TCO C) and the math needed for various calculations. Please take advantage of this opportunity by accessing the iConnect Lecture Tab in week 2.  See the recording/Click on your chosen recording and click Launch.


The outline for your first Project Paper is due by Sunday night (by 11:59PM)   and is worth 20 points. While it is an outline, it should include (at a minimum) the topics offered by the Grade Rubric posted in Doc Sharing under the category PROJECT ONE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. In order to prepare a appropriate outline, it will help if you will review the scenario options given in the PAPER PROJECT Requirements that will be due in Week 3.  See if you can choose what scenario best works for you in conjunction with the require Economics TOPICS of the Outline.  Again, remember that the first PROJECT PAPER is due at the end of Week 3. Specifications for the paper and the outline can be found in Document Sharing. Please read (and follow) the instructions for best outcomes and grade.

Place your Outline in the Dropbox for grading NO LATER THAN 11:59PM Sunday, Sept. 11th.

DeVry ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest

DeVry ECON 545 Week 2 Project Paper 1 Outline Latest

Remember from the syllabus: Late work is not accepted for full credit unless a verifiable emergency (serious illness, accident, natural disaster) exists. In all cases (other than a verifiable emergency) a 5% point deduction will be taken for each day the Project Outline is late. Please notify me of emergencies otherwise a zero is assessed.



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