COM 301 Unit 5 Discussions Latest



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COM 301 Unit 5 Discussions Latest

COM 301 Unit 5 Discussions Latest


COM 301 Unit 5 Discussion 1 Latest

Are the traditional mediums of the print industry (books, magazines, newspapers) a dying breed? What impact has the digital revolution had on how we experience these traditional forms and will publishers continue to print in hard copy format with the rise of devices like the tablet?

COM 301 Unit 5 Discussion 2 Latest

Reference the Media & Culture entry in your textbook on page 68. Do you agree with McLuhan’s ideas about the impact of media on patterns of thinking and orientation? If our modes of thinking and orientation are impacted by the dominant medium we use, what impact does the digitization of the print industry have on our reading habits? After reading the Pew Research Study “Young Americans’ Reading and Library Habits,” discuss how our reading and library habits have changed as a result of the emergence of ebooks. Is there anything in the study that surprises you?