BUS 411 Unit 3 Discussions Latest-POST



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BUS 411 Unit 3 Discussions Latest-POST

BUS 411 Unit 3 Discussions Latest-POST


BUS 411 Unit 3 Discussions Latest-POST

DQ 1

Detecting unethical practices at supplier factories, to include monitoring and compliance, is a major challenge to say the least. Yet, wages drive cost and it’s an absolute necessity to maintain the lowest cost in production of any good. Or is it???

This week, focus on debate! Start or select a fellow student’s side, and eitther support, or argue against, that position. Teamwork!

But be constructive in your approach.

Discuss how important is it for companies such as Nike and Wal-Mart that source extensively from foreign suppliers located in countries where wages are low and substandard working conditions are common to institute supplier codes of conduct and undertake programs to monitor and ensure supplier compliance with these codes of conduct?

Would you recommend that a company join the Fair Labor Association and use FLA’s standards and program of factory audits instead of trying to set up its own supplier monitoring and compliance effort?

What can a company do to detect and combat the efforts of unscrupulous foreign suppliers to deceive inspection/compliance teams?

DQ 2

Post University in general, and myself specifically, need your assistance. We continually strive to be better.

So here’s your chance to unload; Identify and give examples of the steps that can be taken at the functional level to improve Post’s efficiency, product quality, ability to innovate, and responsiveness to our customers. That is, you! Remember however, to be practical and pragmatic.

This is a business. Draw from this week’s materials. Funding is not unlimited. This is a real world environment, so provide real world solutions. Cite specific examples throughout!