BUS 303 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident



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BUS 303 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident

BUS 303 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident


BUS 303 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident

Lies and Their Consequences

Lying is a technique of persuasion. Sometimes it’s justified (e.g., wartime propaganda), sometimes it’s not.

Think of a time when somebody lied to you in your workplace. (Don’t think about the lies of family members, friends, celebrities, or politicians.) Describe the lie, what it was intended to accomplish, what it actually accomplished, and its other consequences. Be sure to mention, discuss, and prioritize all the factors involved; for example, the liar(s) may have had several goals, and there may have been several consequences. Offer a complete, concise, logical discussion, using proper English.

As before, you should support your analysis using the sources mentioned in the Case, SLP, or Background Info. Identify each source with an in-text citation. There’s no need to place the full reference at the bottom of your posting if the reference appears in the module: otherwise, it’s required.

Please comment on your classmates’ postings, using the criteria above. Your comments should be relevant, positive, and constructive; further, they should advance the discussion. As in a face-to-face class discussion, you should “think before you speak.”

Discussion 2 Expectations

Respond to the topic an informed, rigorous and professional manner. Your response should demonstrate an application of the concepts as well as a reflection of your personal experience.

Discussion General Expectations

In each discussion forum, students are expected to respond to the topic by providing an informed, rigorous, and professional post. These should be around 100-150 words. In addition, students are required to respond at least 3 times to your classmates’ posts in a similarly informed, rigorous and professional manner.