BSN 4017 Unit 7 Discussion Latest



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BSN 4017 Unit 7 Discussion Latest

BSN 4017 Unit 7 Discussion Latest


BSN 4017 Unit 7 Discussion Latest

When Professional Cultures Clash


Professional cultures have been identified as potential barriers to effective collaboration. Levi discussed the role of power in conflict development and management.

Consider a time when you or a colleague experienced a clash of cultures with a professional from another health care discipline. Consider “culture” in its broadest definition, to include age, gender, ethnicity, generation, values, and so forth. In your post:

  • Describe the situation in which conflict occurred.
  • Reflect on the professional preparation of the two individuals. What aspects of their professional roles contributed to the conflict?
  • Discuss how power played a role in the conflict.
  • Identify if bullying (also known as incivility or horizontal violence) was involved.
  • Describe how the opposition turned into collaboration.

Write a succinct initial post of at least 150 words. Demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing. Support your discussion with at least one reference other than the required readings.

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of all your peers and respond to at least two, providing comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight.


Levi, D. (2017). Group dynamics for teams (5th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.