BSN 4017 Unit 5 Discussion Latest



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BSN 4017 Unit 5 Discussion Latest

BSN 4017 Unit 5 Discussion Latest


BSN 4017 Unit 5 Discussion Latest

Building and Sustaining Virtual Groups or Teams


For this discussion, consider how to build and sustain virtual groups or teams.

  • What online nursing forums do you currently use, and how do you use them?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of using an online nursing forum?
  • How does your current organization use its own Web site, Facebook page, YouTube page, or other social media?
  • What legal or ethical concerns could result from the use of social media?
  • What does your Board of Nursing say about the use of social media for registered nurses?

Write a succinct initial post of at least 150 words. Demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing. Support your discussion with at least one reference other than the required readings.

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of all your peers and respond to at least two, providing comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight.