BSN 4017 Unit 2 Discussion Latest



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BSN 4017 Unit 2 Discussion Latest

BSN 4017 Unit 2 Discussion Latest


BSN 4017 Unit 2 Discussion Latest

Team Norms


Levi (2017) described the four main functions of group norms (p. 53):

  • Express central values to support team identity building.
  • Coordinate team activities.
  • Define appropriate team behavior.
  • Create a unique group identity.

Consider a team in which you have been a member.

  • Describe the goals of the group and summarize the norms that defined the group.
  • Identify group norms that supported effective group function and group norms that may have stifled creative expression or created unnecessary conformity.

Write a succinct initial post of at least 150 words. Demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing. Support your discussion with at least one scholarly reference about the impact of group norms on team functioning. The reference should be in addition to your required readings.

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of all your peers and respond to at least two, providing comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight.


Levi, D. (2017). Group dynamics for teams(5th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.