BSN 4017 Unit 10 Discussion Latest



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BSN 4017 Unit 10 Discussion Latest

BSN 4017 Unit 10 Discussion Latest


BSN 4017 Unit 10 Discussion Latest

DQ 1

Evaluating and Celebrating Teamwork


As you reflect on your work in this course, answer the following:

After reading the articles from this week’s selection, what would you say are the most critical issues nurses in your organization are facing when it comes to group dynamics and teamwork?

Based on your answer above, how can you be a force for change?

Response Guidelines

Review your classmates’ postings and respond to at least two fellow learners, using one of the following approaches:

  • Identify knowledge gaps or unknowns that were not considered in your classmate’s posting.
  • Identify an assumption on which the posting seems to be based, and pose a useful alternative or contrasting approach, based on a different assumption.
  • Ask a probing question.
  • Elaborate on a particular point.

Your response posts should be at least 150 words. If you are responding with a personal perspective or an example from your workplace experience, you are not required to cite a source. However, if you offer an alternative viewpoint or refer to the ideas or work of others in your response to your classmate, your response must be supported with an outside source which you must cite using APA style.

DQ 2

Review and Reflect


A final step in each part of your BSN program is an evaluation of each course, a reflection on what you have learned, and consideration for how you can apply this new knowledge and these new skills to your professional practice.

For this discussion, write a brief evaluation of what you have learned in this course and how you will apply your new knowledge and skills to your professional career and development as a BSN–prepared nurse professional.

  • Identify at least two areas where you have acquired new knowledge.
  • Discuss how and where you might apply the new knowledge to your current (or future) nursing practice.
  • What have you learned about your own strengths and weaknesses in clinical judgment and systems thinking as a result of this course?
  • What knowledge gaps still exist related to the content in this course? How will you fill those gaps?

Write a succinct initial post of at least 300 words. Demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing. No references are required in this discussion.

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of all your peers and respond to at least two, providing comments, encouragement, and celebration for completing the course.