BMGT 380 Final Exam Latest-UMUC



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BMGT 380 Final Exam Latest-UMUC

BMGT 380 Final Exam Latest-UMUC


BMGT 380 Final Exam Latest-UMUC


Open book exam: may use textbook, class notes/lectures, class conferences (do not use the internet as many legal sources are inaccurate; you do not need any material other than the textbook, class notes/lectures, class conferences to complete the exam).

No time limit on the exam. But you must submit by 11:59 p.m. Saturday, July 15, 2017

The exam is worth a total of 100 points.

The Final Exam has two parts and which are in different sections of the classroom.

Multiple Choice – Found under Quizzes. 20 questions (2 points each). Total 40 points.

Essay – Found under Content Final Exam. You will post your response to the essay questions in the Assignment Folder. Six questions (various points for each question). Total 60 points.

You may complete either section first.

Specific Directions – Multiple Choice

You may start and stop this section as often as you like. However, once you submit your answers, you may not return to the exam. Ensure that you intend for your answers to be complete.

Specific Directions – Essay

Answer each question in complete paragraphs; do not list or answer in phrases (points will be deducted for doing so). None of these questions can be adequately/comprehensively answered in just a paragraph, so be comprehensive, in depth in your answers, but be careful to not include irrelevant information.

You should use good business writing which includes HEADINGS AND SUB-HEADINGS to guide your reader. Long rambling paragraphs without focus is not good business writing. Points will be deducted for failing to use good business writing. If the question is multiple parts (A and B), you must answer each section separately. Label it.

Points will be deducted for answers that are not well justified, not sufficiently comprehensive.

Use APA for in-text citations, as appropriate but please do not use direct quotes. Use only classroom notes/comment and assigned reading or watching materials as resources, which is all you need to complete the exam.

DO NOT use any outside, internet resources as they are often inaccurate.

Answer all parts of each question. Be sure to directly answer the question(s) asked.

Submit exam preferably in word doc to assignment folder under “Final Exam”.

ALLOW EXTRA TIME TO POST PROPERLY. YOU ARE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING THAT EXAM POSTS PROPERLY AND that you posted the correct file. If I can’t open the document, I can’t grade it and you will receive a zero. Once you submit your exam, I will begin the grading process.

Ensure that you intend to submit your exam.