ACCT 439 DeVry Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest



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ACCT 439 DeVry Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest

ACCT 439 DeVry Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest


ACCT 439 DeVry Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest

ACCT 439 Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest

Scenario Summary

In business, not all ethical decisions are easy or black and white. We each have our own set of ethical guidelines that we use, based on our backgrounds, teachings, and experience. This set of ethical principles is not necessarily the same for each of us. To help us in making the correct ethical decisions in the workplace, the various business and professional organizations have developed a set of codes of conduct to assist us in this endeavor. However, in actuality, sometimes we do not have an appropriate guideline from which to formulate our response or decision. The following scenario is designed to demonstrate this problem, as you will be asked to make, and understand, a decision for which there may not necessarily be an ethical solution. However, you will have to make a decision based on the best information available and possibly the least of the worst possible solutions.

You are Ken Meyor. One of your friend, Tom Kewank, has just returned from the war. He used to be a member of the armed services. During your discussions with Tom, you discovered that he was a sniper on loan to another government agency. His assignments were to track down leaders of the opposing forces and from a great distance, assassinate them and then escape back to his own area of control. Even though Tom enjoyed his assignments (working alone in a hostile environment, making life or death decisions, exercising great skill and the adrenaline rush of a successful kill), he is having a hard time reemerging himself back into civilian life in the United States because he does not get the same enjoyment from the stateside assignments or positions that he is qualified to fulfill. He has asked you what he should do.

You need to advise Tom on taking a course in life that will allow him to feel comfortable in his environment and still retain the feeling of having a meaningful life and doing something that will give him the same feeling of accomplishment and success. However, you come to the conclusion that what Tom wants is the feeling of the successful assignment, but within the boundaries of the United States, there is nothing that can come close to giving him the sense of fulfillment that he got in the theater of the war.

Your Role / Assignment

Tom Kewan – the ex-soldier, approximately 23 year of age.

Key Players

Tom is 23 years old. He has a high school education and no college background. He has no real vocational skills upon which to draw a decent job. He has served several tours in the war zone because he enjoyed the camaraderie, the thrill of a successful mission and having to draw upon his skills and knowledge in order to successfully enter into a hostile area and egress back into his own area. “I have a hard time reentering back to the civilized society in the United States. However, due to a wound suffered in my last assignment, I am also unable to reenter the military. I really want to feel the rush I had enjoyed in the completion of a successful mission, but I do not know how achieve it under the rules and guidelines I must follow in our society.”

Ken Meyor – Approximately 25 years of age.

Ken has served in the military. His assignment was an infantry rifleman and he also served one tour in the war zone. Although he was in the infantry, he has not knowingly shot and killed another human being. Ken needs to make suggestions to Tom as to what to do or where to go in order to maintain Tom’s sense of fulfillment.

ACCT 439 DeVry Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest

ACCT 439 DeVry Week 7 You Decide 2 Latest



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